Hot Trailer – FRANKIE & ALICE

It’s been awhile since Halle Berry has done a movie that showed she was truly worthy of the Oscar and not someone swept up in something that was a lot bigger than her performance.

For the record, what she did during Monster’s Ball was utterly sublime, fully impressive and very much worthy of the Oscar that she won.

It seems that she was no fluke. There has been rumblings in the blogosphere about her latest role and how she had pulled out a virtuoso type performance. I tend to believe things when I see them.

This latest trailer seems to fully back that up.  If the movie is half as good as the trailer and if the story goes exactly where the trailer is leading us, then it is quite possible that Halle Berry might be adding another Oscar to her mantel and quite frankly, cementing herself, rightfully so, in the history books.

What do you think?

Hot Trailer: ‘Frankie & Alice’ –

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