Hot Trailer: Natalie Portman ‘The Other Woman’

Natalie Portman is crafting a pretty fantastic career.  And why not? She is probably one of the finest actor‘s of our generation. Black Swan was good and will get her the Oscar she so rightfully deserves.  What it will also do is bring out some of the other films that have been sitting in limbo that she is clearly better in.

The Other Woman is  a perfect example of that. With Black Swan, it was Aronofsky and his camera work and how Natalie Portman fit into that. With The Other Woman, it is all about how great of a nuanced performance Portman can deliver.

The story is not new, however the cast led by Portman and highly underrated actors Lisa Kudrow and  Scott Cohen manage to put together some pretty great performances.

Here’s hoping the trailer is not better than the film.


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