Salma Hayek Wants To Turn Kahlil Gibran’s ‘The Prophet’ Into Animated Feature — WHAT THE..?

At first when I read this, my immediate thought was that this is utter lunacy and borders on blasphemy. Along with millions of others, The Prophet is one of my favourite books of all time.

It should never be made into any kind of a movie.


Or so I thought. After reading how they will be putting it together, I am actually quite intrigued.

An animated film seems like a bit of an odd choice at first.  An animated film with some of the most talented, proper animators in the world might be the only way this epic masterpiece can be brought to life.

The idea that Salma Hayek’s production company has is to bring together different directors and give them each a chapter to interpret in their own vision. Sylvian Chomet (The Triplets of Belleville), John Stevenson (Kung Fu Panda), Marjane  Satrapi (Persepolis), Chris Landreth (Oscar-Winning Short Ryan), Tomm Moore (The Secret of Kells), Nina Paley (Sita Sings the Blues), Bill Plympton (Guard Dog and Your Face) and Kunio Kato (Oscar winning short Tsumiki no ie) are all expected to participate with more being announced soon.

As an animation nerd, the possibility of all of these directors in one film is incredible. As a huge fan of the The Prophet, all of these extremely talented people interpreting one of the most beloved books of all time is simply too much to even want to wish about.

I really hope this happens and I hope even more that they don’t screw it up.

With the talent mentioned above, I don’t see how that is possible.