Dwayne Johnson as Roadblock in ‘G.I. Joe: Cobra Strikes’ – Hell Yes!

I liked 99% of G.I.: The Rise of Cobra. It was a fun ride that had just the right amount of ridiculousness to suck me in for two hours.

However that 1% at the end just killed it for me.

Should be there a sequel? Absolutely.

Should the guy who designed the Cobra mask be fired? Absolutely!

My interest in the sequel G.I. Joe: Cobra Strikes has just shot way up with the recent announcement that Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson is negotiations to play Roadblock.

This is makes me happy beyond words. The Rock was very, very good in Faster and he kicked some serious ass in Fast Five, so taking up the mantle of one of the baddest Joes?

The movie is scheduled for release August 10, 2012 and I imagine will bring back cast members from the last film including Channing Tatum as Duke, Lee Byung-hun as Storm Shadow and Ray Park in all his badass glory as Snake Eyes.

I am ALL in.

Here is the character description of the G.I. Joe Wiki:

Within the heart of a man lies the desire to become a gourmet chef. You wouldn’t know that by looking at Roadblock. With his size and brawn, he can carry a .50 Browning machine gun with accompanying 50 lbs. ammo and still endure the powerful recoils. That fact alone is enough to scare the enemy. In actuality, he’s one of the most amiable members of the Joe Team and a great source of camaraderie. Aside from his impressive strength, he could take your K-rations and whip up something more appetizing. Roadblock was setting to go to France’s Escoffier School by working as a bouncer until a recruiter convinced him the Army can train him just as well. He was appalled by the menu and preparation techniques in the Army kitchen that he requested a transfer. And that is how Roadblock got into infantry.

source :  /Film.