JR and Bobby are back! TNT brings back ‘Dallas’ and you know what? it actually looks really good.

I am old enough to remember the craziness of 80’s mega-soap Dallas. It was a different time in television with folks only really having 6 or 7 channels at their disposal, (as opposed to the 500 channels we have now).

The show was scandalous, eagerly anticipated and definitely part of the cultural zeitgeist that defined the 80’s of big hair, excessive spending and living large.

The good folks at TNT have decided to bring Dallas back.

Now before you all start freaking out because it seems that old shows should not be made again, (I am looking at you people who made Knight Rider and Bionic Woman), take a gander at this trailer. It actually looks pretty darn good.

(And really anything with Jordan Brewster gets my vote).

What say you?


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