Facebook goes BOLLYWOOD!

Yes, it’s true…Facebook goes Bollywood, but not in the way some of us may think!

Popular production house Yash Raj Films recently launched Y-Films, its production and distribution division focused on creating films for youth by challenging norms and denoting boundaries – and it’s pretty clear with their latest offering.

Mujhse Fraaanship Karoge brings together the world of Bollywood cinema, today’s youth and technology driven Indian society and the culture of Facebook together on screen – for the first time!

This seems like it’s going to be a very interesting watch. At this point, the main draws for this film are its Facebook inspired theme and script and its appeal to the youth. The cast of newbies may or may not be a draw too!

To be short, good films can make huge stars out of newcomers in Bollywood, and bad movies…well, in most cases have you saying “Goodbye” sooner than you expect. So far, Mujhse Fraaanship Karoge only screams WIN-WIN!

Totally love the way they incorporated the credits in the trailer with familiar Facebook features and pages. The first look poster is awesome too!

Source: The Daily Honey