Louis Does Toronto After Dark Festival – Review for Father’s Day

Best known for its’ cult classicThe Toxic AvengerTroma Entertainment is the granddaddy of independent filmmaking.  With hundreds of titles as both producer and distributor in its arsenal, they are best known for bringing us schlock and bad movies everywhere while providing a way for even the most marginally talented people to get work.   In allowing filmmakers complete freedom to go wherever their creativity takes them we as viewers are sometimes lead down the path to some very bizarre, sometimes humorous and sometimes sad places. Always in a very Troma-like manner this journey is always accompanied by cheap production and even cheaper jokes abound.

If you’re not a fan of “The Toxic Avenger” or do not enjoy shocksploitation films then stop reading. I can assure you this film is not for you.  Find something more suitable to your taste.  It’s not that the movie is bad, it’s that the design of the filmmaker is to offend and shock and that is not for the faint of heart.

“Father’s Day” is a amazing film in every regard.

It is an ultra-violent exploitation film that seeks to assault the viewer in every way possible.  It is aptly played as a cheaply made 70’s horror flick complete with bad sound, lighting and dialogue. By design, the audience winces and squirms at what takes place on-screen because the actors give us the performance we need with both a straight face and the conviction the parts call for.  Given how the material is so grossly bad, the importance of the actors executing their parts as they do and with a professionalism is what allows the movie to not only work well, but succeed.

The plot (without giving too much away) is about a serial rapist/killer that targets fathers.  A one eyed man names Ahab (Adam Brooks) vows to hunt him down and kill him in an act of revenge.  This gore infused nightmare is an action-packed, ultraviolent, slashfest that can only be described as gore porn.  Not in the same way that “Hostel” or “Antichrist” could be considered gore porn, no this is  much, much worse. It’s not just that it is grossly over the top in terms of both quantity and variation of rape and torture, but it’s done only to disturb the viewer and emulate a bygone era of filmmaking.  An era that, in its worst self indulgent moments, never stopped seeking to exploit anything and everything it could while also understanding that there were limits to how long one would sit through watching others pain.  This movie operates under no such illusion.

I think nearly everyone will be repulsed by this film.  As they should be.  It’s not made to attract the audience that would enjoy “Twilight” or “Shaun of the Dead“. It is a film meant to attract a much darker and more hardcore horror fan.  I’m not suggesting you don’t see it. Rather I am simply warning you of just how deep the rabbit hole goes, which is far deeper than most are willing to go.

You have been warned.