Weird, Whacky and OG Cronenberg is Back With Cosmopolis

It seemed for a while there Canada’s favourite and one of its most talented sons had gone Hollywood. Don’t get me wrong, David Cronenberg was pumping out some brilliant movies like History of Violence and Eastern Promises, however, for those following his career from the beginning we know that it is definitely a softening.

Was he mellowing in his old age? Did you just stop being weird?

Well thankfully no, because after watching the teaser trailer for his latest Cosmopolis starring Robert Pattinson (of all people), we see that he very much the odd film director that we love so much. In it you see elements of all of his great films in the past mixed with the maturity that comes from making his more recent fare.

As well, if you are Robert Pattison and you want to shed the Twilight shadow, taking a role in a Cronenberg film is a damn good way to go. Especially one that harks back to his weird, whacky and wonderful days of Crash, The Fly and my favourite Videodrome.

So definitely check out this trailer and enjoy.


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