Countdown to Game of Thrones – Get Caught Up with a 22 Minute Season One Recap

We are a mere few hours away from the Season Premiere of the second season of Game of Thrones. To say I am all in is a bit of an understatement. Now that I am all caught up having ploughed through the first season this week, I am fully ready for what Season 2 will bring.

I have to say, it started out very slowly for me as I couldn’t help but make the comparison to Rome, the other great period piece series that is really the standard bearer for this type of storytelling. While Game of Thrones doesn’t quite reach the lofty level of excellence that Rome set, it gets pretty darn close. And that is saying something.

For those of you who have not seen the show yet, check out this 22 minute overview that HBO has put together. I implore you to watch the original episodes as there a lot of nuance missing from something that is meant to be a simple overview. However, if you are interested in starting Season 2 right now, this is a great primer.

So bring on Season 2 as I believe we are just getting going here.