Third Dark Knight Rises Trailer Coming with The Avengers

Well what do we have here. Over at Nolan Fans, they have managed to get their hands on a screenshot of the Warner Bros. Pictures Exhibitor Site and it seems that there is a wee bit of a nerd nugget that just made catching Joss Whedon’s The Avengers that much more of a priority. It seems that we will be catching the third Dark Knight Rises trailer as it is attached the upcoming Marvel blockbuster opening May 4th.

The trailer will be attached to the 3D, 2D and IMAX theatres. This is not the first time a Christopher Nolan film has been promoted before a non-WB film. Back in 2008, the third trailer for The Dark Knight played before showings of Iron Man. And in 2010, the final trailer for Nolan’s Inception played in front of Iron Man 2.

There is no hint on when the online version will drop, however with this bit of news, you would have to imagine that it is imminent.

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