And The Villian That Benedict Cumberbatch Will Play In Star Trek 2 Is….(and other Spoilery Things Including A Potential Poster)

The interest over JJ Abrams sequel to the wildly successful and ridiculously awesome Star Trek franchise reboot is, unsurprisingly, really high. Well, it definitely deserves all of the attention it is receiving, even if the information we are receiving is a little spoilery. I usually don’t like to post anything that can ruin the movie for myself and you all, however with it being so early in development, this news and other bits of information that has been ‘confirmed’ really enhances what is about to come.

Over at, they have apparently confirmed a few things that walk that fine line of spoilerland vs just bits of information and after reading about it, it definitely enhances the anticipation around the film.

So here we go…


(But be very sure you want to read this because I don’t want you to whine about me wrecking the movie for you).



Newsbit #1  – Benedict Cumberbatch is playing Khan!!

This role was originally offered Benecio Del Toro. For awhile he was attached, then he wasn’t, then he was again. It was an interesting time to see what really was the case. We now know that he is no longer involved because Cumberbatch, after a serious kick-ass audition, landed the part as the big bad villain. TrekMovie drops an interesting nerd nugget that the new filmmakers of the Star Trek have gone on record numerous times to confirm that Nolan’s Batman series is a major influence. So naturally, Khan is next because as the Joker is to Batman, so is Khan is to Kirk. These same sources that confirmed the rumour are also confirming that the story is not based on the infamous Starseed arc where Kirk et al first meet Khan Noonien Singh. For those who watched the Blu-Ray commentary of the reboot Star Trek, the team kind of already let the cat out of the bag on this one back in 2009 when a post-credits scene showing the Botany Bay, Khan’s sleeper ship was strongly considered.

Newsbit #2 – Leonard Nimoy is back as Spock Prime!!

This one is very much confirmed and bit of news I am very happy about. Recently Nimoy himself confirmed it on CNN and then followed it up with this tweet:

Newsbit # 3 – Klingons!!!

This one isn’t all that surprising. It just makes me happy to know that it will happen. When the production of the last film wrapped up, there were rumours of Klingon involvement, however when the movie finally aired – no Klingons. Turns out the scenes were filmed (and included in the Blu-Ray), there were just cut in the last minute. Therefore, including them in the sequel is a n0-brainer and makes total sense.


So there you have it. The production is in the final stages of principle photography and I imagine there will be more coming fast and furious as the time draws near. I won’t be posting anything that gives too much away, however with this news, I am eager as all get-go to watch the first trailer.

For now I leave with this curiousy ominously bang-on apparently fan-made art that Harry Knowles of tweeted and then deleted for some strange reason…hehe