What if Pixar had designed other famous movie cars?

The artists at Pixar have obviously redefined a genre and injected a new dimension to animated films. Starting from Toy Story all the way to the upcoming Brave, the Pixar touch has always been laced with a little bit of magic.  Recently, as I was surfing across the interweb, I came across these really great fan-made renditions of what other famous movie cars would look like if they had been in the movie Cars.

While these pictures below are not official Pixar images, they are pretty damn good. If this artist hasn’t been hired on by the studio yet, I would imagine he would be pretty damn soon.

Check out some very cool renditions of Tim Burton‘s batmobile, the Back to the Future Delorean, Herbie the Love Bug and many more. They are a ton of fun and another reason why the fans should always be followed.