First Trailer For “Arjun”, A Disney Animated Movie Made In India

Indian Cinema is still very much in its infancy but growing quickly. Moving beyond the stereotype Bollywood style musicals that it is known for, the area is starting to branch out into more indie type films, more ‘serious’ dramas and now it seems that animation is beginning to develop.

With a population of over a billion, it was a pretty smart move for Disney when it recently bought UTV, one of the largest media companies in India. That move has produced its first output in the form of the animated film Arjun: the Warrior Prince, about the untold story of India’s greatest warrior and it opens May 25th. The trailer recently dropped and while it isn’t up to the standard that we know and expect from the Mouse House, it is a great first step as the movie looks pretty great.

I do have to apologize, my hindi is a little bit rusty, if any of you can translate the trailer, I’ll put that translation up here with my sincerest gratitude.