6 International Dark Knight Rises Posters That Really Bring the Badassosity

Looks like the internet is here to save the day. After the collective meh heard around the world when the latest and last theatrical poster for the Dark Knight Rises dropped, Warner Bros Europe has come to save the day as they have just released six international posters on Yahoo UK and the film’s French Facebook page. These posters are much more in line with what we expect for the conclusion of the epic Christopher Nolan saga on the Batman and that makes me very, very happy. The first three are very nicely done and it is apparent just how much attention to detail it has. The designers obviously spent some time on them and it certainly shows. The second ones are nice, however when compared to the first sets, look very subpar and overly photoshopped. With that said, I like all of these much better than the one released on Monday.

These are probably the last pieces of artwork released before the July 20th opening. We might get a few clips here and there, however from here on in, we are in official countdown mode.

The Dark Knight Rises also stars Gary Oldman, Michael CaineMorgan Freeman,Tom HardyJoseph Gordon-LevittAnne Hathaway, and Marion Cotillard. It opens on July 20.

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