Four New Epic ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ Poster Banners

And the Warner Bros marketing machine roles on and on.

Commercials upon commercialstrailers upon trailers upon posters upon posters have been enticing us and building the buzz up to peak at a feverish pitch this July 20th when The Dark Knight Rises, the last chapter of the Christopher Nolan Batman saga opens. The beat goes on as the much derided theatrical poster is now a mere blip in the matrix as a new site of hugely epic poster banners have been released.

I dig em, I really do. They are huge in size and scope (literally and figuratively) and really portray the epic nature of the movie. Check them out below. (Click on them to make them all huge and stuff).

I really dig the last one where Bane and Batman face off. And is Bane standing on his own Tumbler in the third one?

As if you already didn’t know, The Dark Knight Rises stars Christian BaleGary OldmanMichael CaineMorgan Freeman,Tom HardyJoseph Gordon-LevittAnne Hathaway, and Marion Cotillard. It opens on July 20.

Enjoy and see you there.
(You know we will be at a nerd night (midnight) screening in IMAX).


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