Xavierpop Does #WSFF12 – And Now Onto The ‘Film School Spotlight: Super 16 Anarkino’ Programme

This collection of shorts deal with romance, death, friendship and loneliness, to name a few. These films are the product of a student-run film school in Denmark and are surprisingly masterful in execution, each with their own unique perspective.

Cool Girl (11 min)

This film features a gritty use of 16mm film at night, introducing us to a world where fantasy permeates reality. All of this provides atmosphere for a synth-pop music video that’s abruptly cut short. The next morning, the plot progresses into yet another pop music video.

A Shadow of a Doubt (19 min)

Apparently the first date went well so on the second date a couple share their each other’s little quirks and misgivings. This love story, beautifully shot on 16mm film, suddenly introduces doubt into the story with the voice of experience. This strangely symbolic world represents the girl’s insecurities and inhibitions and shows her struggle to overcome them and the story takes a turn for the dark. All of the doubt and inhibitions in the world put up a good fight with the strength of her feelings for him. The film’s ups and downs tell of a story that’s much more than the sum than its parts and teaches us something that is wholly difficult to do: let go of the past.

Dennis (18 min)

Dennis might look aggressive because of his impressive physique and tattoos but he’s simply a gentle giant who is incredibly lonely and looking for a date. He lives at home with mom, who is disappointed that Dennis won’t be spending the evening with her. Dennis doesn’t seem to like the attention he garners when his date introduces him to her group of girl friends – suddenly feeling objectified in a room of more modestly-sized people. There’s certainly realism to this film, aided in part by the gentle shaking camera (presumably handheld for much of the film) and the realistic story. The story brings out the humanity of the main character in such a delicate manner – something that is compelling and transcendent.

Thor’s Hammer (21 min)

A group of teens decide to raid a man’s house in search of booze. When the man tries to defend his homestead, the teens need to act quickly to save themselves and the result of their actions affect them profoundly – all of the other aspects of their lives seem insignificant after the events of that night that simply can’t be forgotten, no matter how hard they try; living with the guilt of their actions becomes increasingly difficult.

To All My Friends (29 min)

A young man reflects on the friendships that he cherishes but it appears that the group is not as strong as it once was. This film’s punk rock aesthetic helps to tell the story of these disenfranchised youth. They begin to question each other’s loyalty, but as the narrator says, “Good mates, you can’t just dump. They get to be part of you, like an arm or a leg”. Of course, they couldn’t stay that loyal when things start to fall apart and their bonds are tested, could they?

- Douglas


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