Xavierpop Does #WSFF12 – Douglas Reviews The ‘Sci-fi: Out There’ Programme

These are fantastical stories traveling that will make you wonder, think and maybe even have a laugh or two.


88:88 (14 min)

Val Kelly has been anti-social lately and no one knows why; she’s missed appointments, and has been away from friends and family who are concerned. It seems like she’s been working on some kind of contraption in her bedroom but it’s difficult to tell what it is for, based on the individual elements of the contraption. The girl secures herself to her bed and at 3:26am the clock changes to 88:88 and something radical happens that can’t be explained. It seems her contraption has done exactly what it needed to.

Sedare (15 min)

Strange noises emanate from a workshop and a security camera is capturing a horrific creature. In this tale of intrigue, the true nature of the creature slowly becomes clear through a series of interviews. Tense and suspenseful throughout, it seems that a pharmaceutical company is at least somewhat responsible. The film becomes mostly silent and reveals more details of the horrific epidemic and the paranoid feels strangely familiar while still strangely alarming. A great little slice of this alternate universe uses an interesting technique to tell the story.

Out of Erasers (15 min)

A sign in a shop window reads “Out of Erasers”. Why would that happen? A young woman is puzzled by this but then sees something strange. An odd phenomenon that couldn’t be ignored, so she touches it – lines emanating and animating wildly – and it begins to grow on her. The desolate city is a backdrop to a chase with a figure completely covered by the aforementioned phenomenon – it’s something that doesn’t seem to make sense and yet, is wholly frightening. It appears that erasers are the only cure but the world has become so scarce of erasers. This film plays off tropes of the zombie series but, with a haunting ending that pays off the built-up suspense.

Codes of Honor (14 min)

There’s something about battle that creates brothers in arms. The main character reminisces about his career in video games – the closest he’s ever been to battle – and his most memorable bouts. The narrator compares his feats in video games to those of great warriors because, in the world of video games, that’s exactly what he is.

Pioneer (16 min)

A man tells his son the gruesome story of how he met his mother. The epic story begins to add elements of the fantastic and the fates of the two characters suddenly become more immediate and understood.

Tumult (13 min)

A group of Vikings travel in tatters after a hard-fought battle when, suddenly, they stumble upon a fantastic ship and the world takes a tone humor – darkly violent humor – but altogether great in execution.

– Douglas


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