Xavierpop Does #WSFF12 – Next Up ‘Shorts For Shorties: Mission to the Milky Way’

Shorts For Shorties is a series of 12 mostly short-short to micro-short films, all animated, and carrying themes that are urgent to youngsters of about 8 and under.


The Little Bird and The Leaf (4 min) is a neat little Swiss film that follows an intrepid little bird on his journey to retrieve a leaf that had been sharing his perch up in a tree.

Colosse – A Wood Tale (3 min) is the story of an unlikely friendship between a woodpecker and a robot puppet. Neat stop-motion animation piece this one.

Dreampacker (3 min) follows Catalina, a young girl whose backpack starts overflowing with the amount of precautions she has inside of it for whatever scenario she may find herself in in life.

Moving Forward (1 min) is meant to reassure young ones that trying new things is a healthy part of life, even rollercoasters!

PL.INK! (3 min) follows what appears to be a baby doodle doodling away in his little pen, making designs on the wall that morph into a surreal experience. Trippy.

Ernesto (7 min) is a delightful and musical short that follows a young boy who really wants to lose his front teeth because none of his friends have theirs anymore, but then learns from his singing front teeth that they just aren’t ready to come out yet.

Brad & Gary (4 min) are two crittery varmits who would be waiting for Godot if they weren’t so distracted by picking their noses and whiling the hours away getting involved in one mess or another. A neat story about misfits.

The Lost Years (2 min) is perhaps the best micro-short in this volume, a stop-motion piece that follows Nilla, a turtle, as she takes her first trip out to sea. Wonderful creation, this one.

Gadget Boy (1 min) is a surprisingly droll micro-short that follows G. Boy and his sidekick G-Bot as they help a couple of other animated fellows who find they’ve got a broken wheel.

The main event here is the incredibly ambitious The Itch of the Golden Nit (34 min), from Aardman Animation Studios (Wallace & Gromit). It’s a short that is entirely made by hundreds of UK children in a program sponsored by the Olympics where kids helped to draw images and choose which way the story would go online and then the studio put all of the wonderfully hand-drawn images and dialogue and story together into one big story involving Beanie and an intergalactic mission he takes in order to save the world. Inventive and alive.

– Moviejay


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