Wolverine 2 (‘The Wolverine’) Gets Its Nemesis In The Silver Samurai And Its Love Interest

With all the hubbub around TDKR and The Amazing Spider-Man, a little bit of casting news about the upcoming Wolverine sequel starring Hugh Jackman almost slipped passed me. Turns out they have cast the villain in the film who will indeed be, and not surprisingly considering the location of the film is Japan, The Silver Samurai.

Over at ScreenRant, they have Variety saying that Kenuichio Harada aka The Silver Samurai with be played by Will Yun Lee. The character’s ability to charge up his weapons so it can cut through any metal, including Wolverine’s Adamantium bones and claws has made him Logan’s ultimate and long-time nemesis throughout the Wolvering mythology.

Tao Okamoto is playing Mariko Yashida, the love interest in the film to Logan and daughter of Hal Yamanouchi’s character who it can be assumed at this point to be Shingen Yashida, leader of ever-present in the Marvel Universe The Hand organization (Daredevil anyone?). Rila Fukushima is Yukio, an assassin and ally of Wolverine.

These casting announcements seems to indicate that the storyline will follow closely the popular ’80s Chris Claremont/Frank Miller Wolverine series which is awesome because that was a fantastic series and really set up the baddassosity of the Wolverine character for the fanboys.

Hopefully, they won’t eff it up like the first movie.

The Wolverine hits theaters July 26, 2013.