From IIFA to PIFAA. The Punjabi International Film Academy brings its first ever Awards Weekend to Toronto.

The Punjabi International Film Academy is all set to glitter for its Awards weekend from August 3-5, 2012. The place of choice? Toronto, of course. After the 2011 International Indian Film Academy (IIFA) Awards were held last June, Toronto has transformed into a Bollywood city. So it’s know no surprise that PIFAA will be makings it entrance into the world through the gates of Ontario.

While the world may be familiar with Bollywood films, Bollywood is only representative of mainstream Hindi cinema. Indian cinema is a vast industry that encompasses all region of India, including Punjab home to Punjabi cinema. While citizens of India identify with various different regional identities, customs, religions and films, PIFAA is a wonderful way to represent the diversity of Indian cinema on a larger – international scale. PIFAA Toronto will bring hundreds of the world’s best and brightest Punjabi Cinema stars to Toronto for the Awards weekend. Punjabi mega-star and PIFAA Brand Ambassador Dharmendra will head-up the contingent of attending Punjabi film stars.

“I am very proud of the Punjabi community of Greater Toronto for executing what will be a landmark international event for Punjabis around the globe…PIFAA is the ideal platform to recognize the significant impact the Punjabi community has had on Indian Cinema. I am thrilled to be part of the inaugural PIFAA weekend.” – Dharmendra Deol, PIFAA Brand Ambassador and Indian Cinema Star.


Despite the fact that PIFAA would be a window into the diversity of Indian cinema, its main goal is to celebrate and highlight the poignant history of Punjabi films. While Indian cinema, especially Bollywood has a growing viewership – there is a lot of Punjabi talent. From actors, singers to directors and cinematographers – the Punjabi culture is being represented – strongly.

“The GTA alone boasts a South Asian community of over 700,000, fifty percent of whom are Punjabi,” said Rajinder Saini, President of Parvasi Entertainment Inc, which is organizing PIFAA. “This gives Punjabi Cinema an immense and captive audience of Punjabi fans and an opportunity to bring this popular, fast growing and in demand film industry closer to all Canadians.”


It certainly is an exciting time to be a Torontonian. Be sure to check out the PIFAA from August 3-5. The Awards weekend will consist of a World Premiere, a concert celebrating Punjabi music, the two-day PIFAA Trade Fair and the main PIFAA Awards Ceremony.