Bombshell Black Magic in ‘Raaz 3′

Bipasha Basu is known for being sexy and sizzling on screen. Having a decent entrance into Bollywood with 2001’s Ajnabee (Stranger) and then later following up cult Bollywood hits such as Jism (Body), Raaz (Secret) and one of the biggest item numbers of 2006 “Beedi” from Omkara – Bipasha proved that good looks and sex appeal could create a gigantic cash flow at the box office. In fact, Bipasha came into films at a time when sex appeal, the overt kind, started becoming popular in Bollywood scripts.

Yet, Bipasha was never vulgar.

Confident, yes. Bold, yes. Sensual, yes. But, Bipasha had a different kind of sexiness and sensuality that most moviegoers were not used to. Bipasha’s characters were always borderline, riske, but safe. Titillating without overflow.

Now, the film in question here is Raaz 3, Bipasha’s next release. Will it create the box office magic that Raaz did back in 2002 and Raaz 2 in 2009? We’ll have to wait and see, but one thing is for sure, the theatrical trailer which released earlier this week is HOT! With films the like of Love, Sex Aur Dhoka and the upcoming Jism 2 with Sunny Leone just around the corner, “hot” is not enough. It seems that moviegoers want “hot” with an actual storyline. The trailer of Raaz 3 does promise this, however can it hold out for an entire film?.

It’s lovely to see Bipasha back in the Raaz franchise of films. She started it with Raaz, skipped Raaz 2 leaving it for Kangana Ranaut and now has come back to continue the legacy of edgy, determined and somewhat crazy women. In Raaz, Bipasha was the victim and in Raaz 3, she’s making a woman become her victim. Let’s not forget the mention of “Kaala Jaadu”, which means “Black Magic”. Seems that not only are Bipasha’s bombshell looks set to kill, but she’s going to get the help of her handy book of spells to cast some magic at the box office this fall. Bombshell black magic I tell you!

From what we’ve seen in the theatrical trailer already, Bipasha’s characterization is not completely new. We see the beauty and the elegance she depicted in Raaz (I think that was the last time we saw Bipasha wear neck high sweaters), we see the mystery and curiosity she portrayed in Race (where she played a sexually subdued character keeping her true intentions a secret), and the anger and the outbursts she displayed in Bachna Ae Haseeno (no one can forget that scene where she lashes out at her entourage).

Needless to say, the trailer of Raaz 3 is out and I am certainly looking forward to seeing Bipasha scorch the screen once again! The film is being produced by Mahesh and Mukesh Bhatt and Directed by Vikram Bhatt the film is set to scare us all this September.