Bollywood Report – “Student Of The Year” Trailer Gives A Little Harry Potter meets Bollywood

The title of this article may throw you off a bit. Rightfully so! Harry Potter and Bollywood – there can be no such thing, right? Well there can be – minus the castles, magic and capes.

This week saw the release of the theatrical trailer for Karan Johar‘s next film Student Of The Year. Everyone’s been waiting with bated breath to see what would be Johar’s next directorial venture. Since 2009’s My Name Is Khan, we’ve seen Johar out and about in town, celebrating his birthday in grand style and also churning out hit after hit from his production banner Dharma Productions. This is the first film, where the director has directed anyone else but his favourite pair Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol.

What’s fresh about Student Of The Year is its casting. The film introduces to the Bollywood world newbies (freshly squeezed, like orange juice) Varun Dhawan, Siddharth Malhotra and Alia Bhatt. Yet, despite the cast being new and unexplored, the film has all the typical Karan Johar elements: good clothing (most likely designer or couture pieces hot off the runway), big and bright sets for the song sequences and of course, a love story.

Yet, with all these Bollywood elements in place…I cannot help but get this whole Harry Potter vibe – and it’s not a bad thing. Rishi Kapoor seems like the Bollywood Dumbledore, the whole Student of the Year cup competition reminds me of the Goblet of Fire competition and of course, the whole two guys – one girl dynamic = Harry, Ron and Hermoine.

The film may not have have a spells, wands and wizardry in it, but it will sure be interesting to see if Student Of The Year creates some magic at the box office just like Karan Johar’s past films. Especially with all the other big releases set to release in the last half of 2012!

Let the box office competition begin!!


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