Bollywood Report – Full Theatrical Trailer For ‘Ishkq In Paris’

Preity Zinta has not been away from the limelight for a long period of time, but it’s still a large enough gap for Bollywood film movie-goers to miss her effervescent spirit and dimpled smile on screen. I had a run-in with Preity Zinta at the 2012 IIFA Awards in Singapore in June and she was all smiles, bubbles and dimples when she discussed her upcoming film Ishkq In Paris. Now, in August, we have the theatrical trailer of the film…which is beautiful.

First thing, the cinematography looks gorgeous. Although its hard to make Paris look bad, getting the city from the right angles is very important and from what we see in the trailer – Paris is stunning. The music, which chants French lyrics “Ah Oui Oui Mon Cherie” is very catchy and the look and vibe of the film is quite young and trendy. Clearly it cannot be a typical Bollywood romantic comedy without the cheesy lines, and we get a healthy dose of it in the trailer too.

With a gorgeous look at Paris, a cheesy dose of Bollywood romance, oh and a quick glimpse of a condom packet – this certainly seems to promise nice light-hearted entertainment. Let’s hope it lives up to all it’s expectations.

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