English Dubbed Trailer for The Charming Stop-Motion Film ‘Toys in the Attic’

As our resident animation expert @randeepk says ‘The Europeans are crazy!’ when it comes to animation. Case in point is the charming and quite literally magical-looking trailer for the stop-motion film Toys In the Attic. The best we can tell as that there is not computer influence here. If there is, there is very little of it.

I love everything about this film visually. Sure the story is beyond simplistic, however that is it point. This film is lovingly crafted and really harkens back to the days of old time animation. The film is originally in Czech however they didn’t spare any expense with the English version as it features the voices of Joan Cusack along with Forest Whitaker, Cary Elwes and Vivian Schilling

You have to watch this. You will thank me afterwards.


About The Film

Following the symbolism of the Cold War era, the world of the attic is divided into the land of happy toys in the West and the land of evil in the East. The despotic Head of State rules over the evil empire of the East with a band of sinister minions, insects and rotted vegetables. When the lovely Buttercup (Vivian Schilling) is kidnapped and held prisoner by The Head, it is up to her friends – a teddy bear (Forest Whitaker), a mechanical mouse (Joan Cusack) and marionette puppet (Cary Elwes) – to cross the international boundary and attempt their daring rescue. Toys in the Attic is directed Jiří Barta from a script he wrote himself with Edgar Dutka, but Schilling directed and wrote the English adaptation hitting theaters September 7th.