Louis Gives His Picks For The Toronto After Dark Film Festival (@TADFilmFest)

The Toronto After Dark Film Festival is upon us again and back at the Bloor Cinema, which was closed last year for renovation and has reopened as the Bloor Hot Docs Cinema. Starting on October 18th through the 26th, the regularly scheduled event will be taking place. This year has 21 films, including not only a short before each feature, but a shorts program on Saturday afternoon. Also that Saturday are special discounts to the last two features of the day if one arrived dressed as a Zombie.

Beyond the usual films and features, this year also includes a hosting of a number of indie games. Also, the nightly post event meet and greet at Pauper’s Pub across the street. Tickets are $14 at the door and $168 for an all access pass, with smaller packages of either late show access pass, $84, or double feature ticket packs for $24. This year promises to have the best selection and most interesting set of films to date. Why not pick up some tickets and have some fun with the rest of the ghouls.

Highlighting this year’s events are several films that I look forward to seeing. They include…

Thursday, Oct 18th 6:45 PM Grabbers – An Irish Town is overrun by bloodsucking aliens, the locals discover the only way to keep alive is to keep drinking.

Thursday, Oct 18th  9:45 PM American Mary – A disillusioned medical student decides to ply her trade in the shady underworld of unregulated surgeries and body modification with horrifying consequences.

Friday, Oct 19th  9:45 PM Inbred – A group of British inner city kids take a trip to the country, only to discover the deadly nature of the locals. Not for the timid!

Saturday, Oct 20th  6:45 PM [REC] 3:Genesis – The latest installment in the series moves out of building where it started to a lavish wedding. Different from the first two, but very well done.

Saturday, Oct 20th  9:45 PM Cockneys vs Zombies – A bank robbery goes awry, not from poor planning, but an outbreak of zombies. What happens when tough guys fight the undead?

Sunday, Oct 21st  9:45 PM After – Two bush crash survivors find themselves in an abandoned town surrounded with an ever closing black cloud. Time to solve the riddle before those things in the cloud get too close.

Monday, Oct 22nd  9:45 PM Citadel – An agoraphobic father fights a group of feral children that are holding his daughter. Creepy and dark, this gritty film shows what bleakness horror films can conjure.

Wednesday, Oct 24  9:45 PM Dead Sushi – Sushi comes alive and begins to enact revenge upon vacation resort guests. J-splatter pioneer Noboru Iguchi (THE MACHINE GIRL) serves up a crowd-pleasing (and mouth watering) helping of gonzo entertainment.

Thursday, Oct 25th  9:45p Wrong – An absurd crime thriller about a man and the very strange things that happen to him as he tries to track down his kidnapped dog. Stylish and eclectic, it comes from director of Rubber, Quentin Depieux.

Friday, Oct 26th  6:45 PM A Fantastic Fear of Everything - Simon Pegg returns to horror with a film about a writer who’s phobias and imagination go into overdrive when he starts writing a book about Victorian serial killers.