Zachary Quinto and Robert Orci Give Us Their Reaction To J.J. Abrams Landing Star Wars

Seems like that upcoming Entertainment Weekly issue with all that coverage of Star Trek Into Darkness is chocked full of nerdy (and apparently spoilery goodyness). Amongst the images and articles and stuff, ZacharySpockQuinto and co-writer Roberto Orci speak a bit about Star Trek Into Darkness director J.J. Abrams and his next gig – taking the reins of  Star Wars: Episode VII.

Basically, they don’t expect him to return to direct a third Trek movie, but at the same time, they’re happy that he is “growing” and fulfilling a “childhood dream”.


“For J.J., this is achieving a childhood dream,” Orci said. “Star Wars is what got him in the business. So watching him go to his Super Bowl like this? It’s genuinely joyful for me. [But] as a guy who is in love with Star Trek and in love with this version of it? It puts a scared lump in my throat. It’s like hearing one of the band members is going to do a solo album. I know Star Wars is going to be better for it, and I suspect Star Trek will be fine with the rest of us still here.”

“I don’t think anybody feels like he’s going,” stated Quinto. “We feel like he’s growing. J.J. surrounds himself with talented people, and if the day is coming where he has to hand off the director’s chair to someone, then we will all embrace that person and trust that [the new director is] the next best choice. We’re excited that is is being so bold and so declarative about what he wants to do and sees ways to bring his talent to a classic franchise — like Star Trek four years ago — that can use a fresh injection of new perspective. And we all benefit as moviegoers. And he’ll be around. He’ll still produce our movie even if he doesn’t direct it. And maybe there’s some version of this where [an upcoming Trek film] fits in [to the release calendar] in a way where he can come back around as director for us as well.”


It’s not necessarily the worst thing in the world that he hand off Part III to someone to direct. Fresh eyes and all that. If the result is a Star Wars that will kick ass, then it will work. Besides, it’s not like Abrams won’t be too far away making sure they don’t screw it up.

via – ComicBookMovie