Servitude Advanced Screening Contest Details

Make sure you check out the movie that Xavierpop has billed Office Space for Waiters:

About the Film

Josh Stein has never grabbed life by the horns. Rather than pursue his childhood dream of becoming a writer, he chose the more practical path of going to law school. But as the deadline for enrollment quickly approaches, he finds himself strangely unable to walk away from his lowly job of waiting tables at Ranch Steakhouse. Whatever Josh’s reasons may be, one thing is certain; his fed-up girlfriend won’t stand for it. In fact, she’s given him the ultimatum to quit his job this very day or their relationship is toast.

But when Josh goes in to break the news, fate intervenes in a big way as he discovers that a platter of tainted chicken wings has left the restaurant woefully short-staffed. And to make matters worse, the company’s new super-strict owners have sent over a mean son-of-a-gun from head office to audit operations. Unable to abandon his post when he’s so desperately needed, Josh decides to work one final shift – and what a shift it turns out to be! Not only is the restaurant overrun by a mob of guests more abusive and intolerable than the last, but Josh also uncovers a secret memo from the new owners that reveals they are cruelly going to fire all the staff.

Josh finally takes control, rallying his colourful posse of fellow “Ranchers” to sever the chains of SERVITUDE and take over the restaurant for one final, glorious, revenge-filled night.

Here are the details : 

What Advanced Screening of Servitude
Where Varsity Cinemas 55 Bloor Street West
When – Monday,  March 26th, 2012 : 7:30pm – be there by 6.45pm latest
(make sure you get there by 6.45, this one will fill up and I can’t guarantee admission past a certain time)

Here is how you can win one of the many double passes that we are giving out.

Enter using the instructions below and we hope to see you then.

Winners will be announced from now until the contest ends here and then shared on our respective Twitter and Facebook pages.

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